You did it Kitty Hannah Eden! This statement hit me like the proverbial smack upside the head I mentioned earlier. Wow! My eyes are wide and I’m gripped by the profound truth of this statement.

I’ve always been afraid to speak my true feeling for fear of offending someone or having them think badly of me. I’ve suppressed my true self for so long, I don’t know who I am, which is truly sad.

When my husband and I moved and then I lost my job, I lost my sense of self. I have no friends. My family is scattered around the U.S. I’m agoraphobic, so I only attend psyche and medical appointments.

If I could get up the courage to go to the library, I might find a friend. I will make this a goal, but I can’t promise anything other than I will do the best I can do achieve it.

Thank you for your wise advice Kitty, Hugs

Wife, Dog Mom & Rescuer raising money to help pay vet care I enjoy laughing, coffee, and the beach.

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