It is Time for Me to Go

Painting and Photo by Samantha Beach

It is with great sadness and tears in my eyes that I write this, my final post on this website.

I’ve been a member here since April of 2018. I enjoyed writing poems, haikus, and short stories. I also shared my thoughts and feelings on my physical and mental illnesses. I did well, was happy with my monthly earnings, and felt the payment structure was fair.

Late last year, the payment method changed and my monthly earnings were greatly reduced, yet I was publishing the same number of stories and poems as usual and receiving around the same number of…

To Make Sure We’re Okay Without Them

Photo by Samantha Beach

For over the past twenty years we have rescued, adopted, fostered, rehabilitated, repaired, and re-homed a countless number of dogs. It is with great sadness that over these decades we have had to send almost half of them to The Rainbow Bridge. Some were too sick or injured for treatment at the veterinarian hospital. Others that remained with us that were old or sick and required daily medication or treatment, lived out their final lives with us.

Not everyone wants to adopt an old or sick dog, but to us, their lives are just as important as humans. We consider…

Samantha Beach

Wife, Dog Mom & Rescuer raising money to help pay vet care I enjoy laughing, coffee, and the beach.

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